Telepathic Teddy Bear

Life and Music

Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi, Ratatat & MGMT #15secondcover #music (visuals by @rubenrubenruben)


Drive-In Prints Pete Ware aka 17h and Oak

"The Drive-in Prints by artist Pete Ware aka 17h and Oak pays homage to the movies by combining iconic characters and famous quotes in the form of typography art. Each print is developed from scratch and utilises their silhouette and key features to bring you a unique perspective of your favourite films.”


- HUA TUNAN - 画图男

《Crouching Tiger》

The spirits of the earth

2014-ink on paper-110cm*75.4cm


Nadia Wicker is a self taught French photographer and make-up artist (previously). In this collections she has created a set of self-portraits with mixing the photography and make-up. Ursides - Nadia says, ”is a series where two of my greatest passions merge and give birth to a rain of falling stars.”   


Lion’s Roar - First Aid Kit #15secondcover #music

Wolves - Bon Iver (For @victoriaphantasmagoria & @jasper_poore406)

Pompeii - Bastille #15secondcover #music