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Tainted Love - Soft Cell


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Seung-Hwan OH | on Tumblr (Korea) - Impermanence (2012)

The visual result of the symbiosis between film matter and organic matter is the conceptual origin of the body of work of Impermanence, a series of portraits by Korean photographer and microbiologist Seung-Hwan Oh. The process involves the cultivation of emulsion consuming microbes on a visual environment created through portraits and a physical environment composed of developed film immersed in water. As the microbes consume light-sensitive chemical over the course of months or years, the silver halides destabilize, obfuscating the legibility of foreground, background, and scale. This creates an aesthetic of entangled creation and destruction that inevitably is ephemeral, and results in complete disintegration of the film so that it can only be delicately digitized before it is consumed. © All images courtesy of the artist

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"Does it look like I’m fucking around to you?"

"Does it look like I’m fucking around to you?"


Rafael Mantesso (Brazil) - Jimmy Choo the Bull Terrier

Rafael Mantesso, editor in chief of Brasilian gastronomy marketing site Marketing na Cozinha. While fine food may rank high on Mantesso’s priority list however, another of his great loves is his adorable Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo, the star of his highly imaginative feed. A talented artist, Mantesso captures his pup against a backdrop of amusing illustrations, accompanied by various props where necessary, to hilarious, heartwarming effect. (src. AnOther© All images courtesy of the artist

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Doses and Mimosas 1/2 - Cherub

Doses and Mimosas 2/2 - Cherub

Fineshrine - Purity Ring For @mariezpan on Twitter

The Mother We Share - Chvrches